Models Photography


Family and individual photography of models and creation of underwater scenery

Images of unique moments underwater

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their world

The magical colors of the underwater animal world

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Coral Reef


The beauty of the ocean world

Wide-angle shots of the stunning beauty of coral reefs

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Underwater photo sessions in the pool

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Zdjęcia w wodzie i pod wodą

Indywidualne sesje fotograficzne dla rodzin.
Indywidualne sesje fotograficzne dla modelek i modeli.
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Underwater Pictures Gallery

I invite you to see some of my works.

Model Photography

beautiful girls under water

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Creatures Photography

creatures in their environment

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Reef Photography

colorful coral reefs

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Divers Photography

divers under water

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About Me

I'm Underwater Photographer & Creative Designer

 The awareness of the beauty of the underwater world is a lifetime passion for a child” – it is the idea that lead my hobby since I was 9 years old, when I walked into a aquarium shop for the first time in my life.

Today my head is gray but I still sit in front of the glass pan of my reef aquarium which divides me from the marvelous world of coral reef. I allowed myself to come up with this thought to begin with, because this awareness of beauty and secrets of the underwater life gave me energy and patterns to build reef aquariums , daiving and underwater photography.

Brunon Waligóra

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Reflections From My Work


New great message !!!

My profile and portfolio have also been placed on the prestigious and elite portal „fotografpodwodny.pl” I invite you to the photo gallery. https://fotografpodwodny.pl/index.php/brunon-waligora/

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New section on my web page

New section on the page:  Photo session in the pool. Pictures in water and under water Individual photo sessions for families Individual photo sessions for models link: …

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New movies in the Video tab

New movies have been added in the Video tab Video

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