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I'm Underwater Photogrpaher & Creative Designer

The awareness of the beauty of the underwater world is a lifetime passion for a child” – it is the idea that lead my hobby since I was 9 years old, when I walked into a aquarium shop for the first time in my life.

Today my head is gray but I still sit in front of the glass pan of my reef aquarium which divides me from the marvelous world of coral reef. I allowed myself to come up with this thought to begin with, because this awareness of beauty and secrets of the underwater life gave me energy and patterns to build reef aquariums , daiving and underwater photography. 

Brunon Waligóra

Underwater Pictures Gallery

I invite you to see some of my works.

Model Photography

beautiful girls under water;

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Fish Photography

fish in their environment;

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Reef Photography

colorful coral reefs;

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Divers Photography

people under water;

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